The founder: Kiyoshi Arakaki

Founder and president of International Okinawa Karate-do Muso-kai
President of American Koshiki Karate Organization

  Shihan, Kiyoshi Arakaki was born in 1954, Naha city, Okinawa, where the birthplace of karate, and started practicing karate in his early years.

  At the age of 13, he was introduced to Shōshin Nagamine the founder of Matsubayashi-ryu. Since then, he had learned from other masters of Okinawa karate, too.

  In 1977, he arrived to the U.S. first time, and in 1980, he had founded Okinawa karate-do Muso-kai at Salt Lake City, Utah.

  After founded Muso-kai, he had realized the difference between Karate as Eastern martial arts and Western sports. He restructured method of teaching karate that the real Okinawa martial arts.

  He published “The Secrets of Okinawa Karate” and became one of the best selling martial arts books in Japan. It also translated and published in English , Spanish, and Italian.

  Muso-kai was established based on believing that learning karate with hard training will take you to the higher value in life.

  This idea came from working as a volunteer with Mother Teresa's "Missionaries of Charity" in Calcutta, India.

  Okinawa karate-do Muso-kai and Shihan Arakaki are spreading the idea and real Okinawa martial arts karate to the world with his books, seminars, and workshops.